Echipa redactionala a ziarului „Opinia”:

Redactor sef: Ion Diaconescu


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  3. nie prcuaje na Poczcie, jestem tylko zwyklym klientem, ale ten artykul odbieram troszke, jako zlosliwosc ze strony gazety no ale tak juz u nas w Polsce jest Slon?jak najbardziej :pbo z Tajlandii ostatnio odebralam przesylke w ciagu 9 dni!!

    1. saw them for the 1st time in the eros rtatzzomai opening and i was expecting of smth lame. But, man, they are so cool! i really love this kind of music and i never thought that i will ever listen to romanian music with this pleasure and the way that Bogdan feels the music is just insane, and i llllove it!

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